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About Us

Founded by experienced entrepreneurs in the fields of Online Marketing and Advertising, and Corporate Collection and Clearing, CollectMedia came about as an answer to the growing needs of a complicated and dynamic industry, which is constantly in a state of flux. The online marketing and advertising sector consists of plenty of players (agencies, ad networks, advertisers, and publishers) that face ongoing problems when it comes to collections, especially when it involves cross border transactions.

Based in Israel, CollectMedia operations span the global and work with an internally organized, experienced collection team, collections attorneys and legal advisors to ensure our clients can easily and quickly manage all collections activities with as little hassle as possible, which has the added bonus of reducing collection costs. Today, CollectMedia is a leading collections agency for the online advertising industry, specializing in providing collections and clearing services to companies from every corner of the world.

We believe in taking every possible step to ensure our clients receive the best and most effective service, and work on a contingency-based model, which means that our clients only pay upon success. When it comes to collections, let the experts handle everything for you, so that you can focus on driving growth and building a successful business.

Picking the top ten most likely countries, we detail how collection will take place in each one. We make the convincing argument that it's just better for them to pay their debts.


All of Your Collection Needs in One Place

CollectMedia works with teams of legal advisors around the world, as well as professionals with in depth experience in the online marketing and advertising industries. In addition, we as handle collections and manage business relationships worldwide.

Let us deal with all of your collection activities:

  • Collection of unpaid debts
  • Clearing unpaid debts
  • Credit and trade references of potential clients
  • Factoring
  • Credit Check

We Are fully Invested in Your Complete Success

Work with a veteran team of professionals from a range of fields from advertising and business to collection and law. Be confident in our abilities to provide you with the very best and most efficient collection services, which is why we work on a success-based model.

Contact us today to find out how CollectMedia can make a positive impact on your bottom line.

We Go the Extra Mile for You

At CollectMedia, we believe in working closely with our clients and treating our business relationships more like a partnership. Our professional team takes the time to get to know your specific needs, and the challenges you face, so that we can take the specific actions needed and offer flexible services in line with your goals. We take every step necessary, within the confines of the law, to ensure that our clients get paid. This includes using diplomatic channels, such as filing official trade complaints at the relevant embassy, and even working with local law enforcement agencies to complete collection. Our team collaborates tightly with local collectors and law offices for international collections, allowing us to provide our services on a global scale.

Why CollectMedia?

Our elite team includes only experienced collections professionals, all of which are available to speak with you over the phone, email, or in a face-to-face meeting. We believe in complete transparency and partner with legal advisors to ensure that every action we take is in keeping with the law, while also ensuring that your collections needs are met.

credit check service

  • We at Collect Media one of the leading collection agencies in the online advertising industry, offering a credit check service to our clients.
  • Our database, including thousands of creditors and debtors, and we developed a unique credit score system that allows our clients to evaluate their clients' credit score.
  • CREDIT CHECK service allows a balanced measurement of companies' capacity to pay and provides you a full picture of your potential clients before you start work with them.
  • After the credit check is complete, we will draft a protocol and evaluate the company check and give it a score according to our unique credit scoring methodology.
  • If you currently do not use a credit check service for your clients, now is an excellent time to consider adding a robust credit checking procedure to your internal policies.
  • Tapping into a database of companies that have experience with your potential new clients can help prevent lousy debt by identifying slow payers and non-payers before you extend credit.
  • The credit check will also allow you the ability to re-evaluate existing clients to increase credit lines potentially.
  • Our Unique platform will inform you of any change in your client status so you can avoid losing money on unpaid debts.

Case Studies


US-based publisher

The Problem

The Company worked with an Israeli-based ad network. The ad network stopped responding and ignored any attempt from the Company to collect the debt.

The Result

CollectMedia, through legal actions, was able to collect a debt of 100,000 USD.


Israeli-based ad network

The Problem

The Company worked with an advertiser based in India. The advertiser refused to pay, claiming that he did not get paid.

The Result

CollectMedia approached the advertiser in India and was able to collect a debt of 80,000 USD without having the need to take any legal action.


Ad network based in Ukraine

The Problem

The Company worked with a US-based advertiser who refused to pay, since he claimed that the ad network sent him fraudulent traffic.

The Result

CollectMedia received a full report from both parties, and was able to prove to the advertiser that only a small portion of the traffic was invalid, and the Company was paid 80% of the debt.


Publisher based in Spain

The Problem

The Company worked with an advertiser based in Germany, but could not collect the debt owed to them.

The Result

CollectMedia approached the advertiser and was able to collect a debt of 30,000 USD without being forced to take any legal action.

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